Carving Mallet

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Carving Mallets have heavy rounded heads, with the circular cross section permanently wedged and glued to turned handles.

Features and Uses

These deliver just the kind of dull blow that is required by Wood Carvers and Stone Masons to strike their Chisels and Gouges. The circular head helps the carver to strike accurate blows as chisels are moved through the many complex angles required when carving.

In addition, Stone Masons tools are often steel without wooden handles. The circular head also enables use of the whole circumference which shares the impact of the steel tools on the wooden face.

DT Online Buyers' Guide
  • Traditional Boxwood Mallets are now largely superceded by Nylon, PVC or rubber faced hammers and mallets for general work. They are available in a range of diameters and weights.
  • Carpenters' Mallets with a head size of 4-5 inches (100mm - 125mm) are a suitable size for most work in Design and Technology.
  • Carving Mallet heads are commonly made from Beech but Lignum Vitea heads are considered better because they are heavier. They may now be hard to find. A modern alternative is to use Polyurethane for the heads (Bronze or Brass also used). A good general size head weight for light work would be approximately 450 grams or less, and for general work, 800 grams is more suitable.
  • Bossing Mallets are sized by head diameter (35, 50, 60, or 75mm). The smaller sizes are used for art metalwork and the larger sizes are for shaping and stretching sheet metal and soft roofing materials such as lead.
Nylon Hammer Rubber Mallet Carpenters Mallet Carvers Mallet Rawhide Mallet
Nylon Hammer Rubber Mallet Carpenters Mallet Carvers Mallet Rawhide Mallet