Lounge Heating

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The lounge is a place for comfort and relaxation, so providing sufficient warmth when it is needed is essential.


Central heating radiators are traditionally placed beneath windows to counter any cold down draughts. Modern double and triple glazed windows should be relatively draught free however, so consideration might be given to placing them against an interior wall which, once heated, might then serve as a night storage heater?

Long narrow rooms, L shaped or other irregularly shaped rooms may be more evenly heated if two or more smaller radiators are used.

Fireplaces not only provide heating but also ventilation to a room. It is not usually feasible to reposition a fireplace because of the need for a flue but they can be used with gas or electric fires or sealed up completely if not required (if sealed then consideration may be needed with regard to providing some alternative trickle ventilation).

Fireplaces provide a strong focal point to a room which needs to be considered when arranging the furniture. (If removed, an alternative focus will be needed - often provided by a television or simply by the way seating is arranged).

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