Planer Thicknesser

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A Planer Thicknesser is a workshop machine which allows the planing and smoothing of large sections of timber to the exact size needed for a project. A professional quality machine will typically machine boards of 200mm to 400mm width.

Features and Applications

The top table of the machine is the Planer. This can be used to plane edges so that they are both straight and Square to the face of the board. Squareness is achieved by holding the face of the work against the fence as cuts are taken.

The revolving Cutter Block carries 2 - 4 blades or Knives. These revolve at high speed to produce the cut. There are two types of blade: thin double-edged disposables or the thicker re-sharpenable ones, which may or may not be double sided. Disposable blades are generally easier to deal with. The height of the blade has to be set just the smallest fraction higher than the rear out-feed table. A cut is made by lowering the front half of the table then passing the work-piece over the cutter.

Underneath the Planer is the Thicknesser which is used to bring the board to the required finished thickness.

The work-piece is brought up to the underside of the same Cutter Block and Feed Rollers pass the work through the machine to take a cut. Best results are obtained by taking off only a small amount of waste with each pass.

Safety Point! All high-speed woodcutting machinery is dangerous and Planer Thicknessers particularly so because of the danger of the work kicking back and the closeness of the operator's hand to the blades. These machines should not be used by students and only staff who have received appropriate and certified training from a qualified instructor.

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