D&T Safety Audit

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H&S Audit for Secondary Schools Design and Technology

Health and Safety in Design and Technology is about taking a sensible and proportionate approach to ensure that the department provides a healthy and safe place for all, including the school staff, visitors and pupils. It means doing what is reasonably practicable to reduce significant risks by putting in place control measures to manage the real risks. It is not about the elimination of all risk.

The aim of the audit check-list (shown opposite - click to enlarge and again to download) is to help staff quickly to identify any issues needing attention by providing a series of prompts to check that a number of common-sense procedures are in place.

Sensible health and safety management means making sure that the focus is on real risks with the potential to cause harm, not wasting resources on trivial matters and unnecessary paperwork. In short, effective leaders follow a sensible and proportionate approach to health and safety management that promotes risk awareness rather than risk avoidance.

From: HSE : Leading sensible health and safety management in schools - accessing this web site is highly recommended.