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Sandblasting, (AKA Grit Blasting or Bead Blasting) is the process of using compressed air to fire hard particles against objects with aim of cleaning, polishing or roughing the surfaces.

Many local garages will have a small blasting cabinet which they use to clean small vehicle parts.

Safety Point! Sandblasting is an extremely hazardous process and, in the context of DT Online projects, should be considered only using a purpose-made sealed blast cabinet which is ventilated to the outside atmosphere.

Glass can have designs etched into the surface by blasting with Silicon Carbide and Acrylic with crushed Walnut Shells - Wood can also be blasted with shells to create an attractive raised grain effect.

Safety Point! Under no circumstances should Silica Sand (i.e. beach sand) be used as a blasting medium since exposure to this dust can cause the serious lung disease of Silicosis.