Community collaboration

The PSE: UK research team has collaborated with community groups, pressure groups, organisations and networks of people working on the frontline of poverty across the UK.

In Northern Ireland, PSE team members from Queen's University, Belfast, and The Open Unviersity were closely involved in a project called Communities in Action, which worked with community groups from some of Northern Ireland’s most disadvantaged areas. This project drew on the PSE national surveys to help communities research what is happening in their own area and to track the impact of the economic recession and changes to the benefits system and public service.

In the North East of England, the PSE team worked closely with networks of community practitioners and researchers, to exchange information and resources. The team have also linked up with community participatory research projects in Scotland.  If you would like further information on these collaborations or are interested in similar collaborations , do contact us.

Community updates

Bare food cupboards

The Hard Times reports provide evidence gathered by communities themselves on the impact of austerity and cuts on families and young people across Northern Ireland. Watch the accompanying films on home repossession, struggles with debt and youth hopes and dreams on the community webpages.

CiA Ardoyne community church

The Communities in Action (CiA) project identified debt and financial insecurity as a collective problem with profound impacts on family life and people’s health. Here you will find information on what is happening in households across many different communities and how local experiences fit with the wider picture in Northern Ireland.



The PSE linked up with Poverty Alliance Scotland to highlight key findings from their ‘EPIC’ project. This project brings together people directly affected by poverty with policy and decision-makers to achieve change. A key issue experienced by people on low-income is the stigma of poverty.

Join in

The aim of this section is to exchange knowledge, share resources and to support communities in gathering evidence about their experiences of poverty. We can help by providing regionally based information on poverty and social exclusion in the region and by offering a platform on the PSE website for community based research in the region.

If you are involved in a community research project you’d like to share, please contact us. Or if you are interested in developing a community research project drawing on the PSE national surveys, you might be interested in the Toolkit we are developing. This Toolkit will help you conduct your own research with question sets that link to the PSE national surveys.