Research assistants: interviews

Peter Townsend employed a number of research assistants during the analysis phase of the Poverty in the UK research project.

Below you can listen to interviews with:

  • John Bond, then at the Univerrsity of Essex and now Professor of Social Gerontology and Health Services Research, Newcastle University.
  • Alan Walker, who was also at the University of Essex and is now Professor of Social Policy and Social Gerontology, University of Sheffield.

Professor John Bond

In 1971, John Bond was employed on a one-year contract to analyse the data on health and health resources from the Poverty in the UK survey. The computer programming was done using punch cards. His interview is in three parts:

  • Part 1: on his role in the Poverty in the UK research project (9' 43")
  • Part 2: on being part of the Poverty in the UK research team (9' 26")
  • Part 3: on lessons learnt from the experience (9' 14")

Professor Alan Walker

Alan Walker was one of Peter Townsend's research assistants during the final phases of the project, working on the analysis for, and drafts of,  chapters for the 'Poverty in the United Kingdom' book. His inerview is in three parts:

  • Part 1: on his role in the research project (14' 14")
  • Part 2: on working with Peter Townsend (12' 20")
  • Part 3: on the impact of the Townend book (14' 03")
Publication date: 
Oct 11 2016