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DT Online Buyers Guide searches are offered in good faith to help users identify suitable products with which to engage in the activities described throughout DT Online. Click on either the image or the text to reveal search results. Where appropriate, examples are given also to illustrate the range and variety available.

Products have been selected as follows:

  • where possible, products are illustrated based on our personal experience over many years advising schools;
  • or products which receive positive consumer reviews regarding relevant aspects and uses (i.e. usually 4 or 5 stars but in some cases a single review may not relate to its anticipated use in Design and Technology);
  • or non-critical items which are chosen on the basis of good value and availability.

Note: Some of the fully illustrated Buyers Guide compilations are extremely comprehensive and may take a little time fully to load.

Click on a heading below to view all Buyers Guides within that section:

A full list of all DT Online Buyers Guides can also be seen HERE


DT Online is and will remain, free at the point of use and free of intrusive banner advertising which obscures the main content. ANY items purchased once Amazon is entered using any of the Amazon links provided on DT Online will, at no additional cost to you, generate a small income to help meet running costs, maintain the service and develop it further. Thank you in advance for any support you feel able to provide.