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Hammers are tools with heavy heads used to strike other tools such as Punches, drive in Nails, break things apart or shape metals for example.

Most Hammers and Mallets are examples of a Class 3 Lever (the user's wrist or elbow joint being the Fulcrum).

Hammer handles, or shafts, are made traditionally from Ash or Hickory, two timbers with very good shock absorbing characteristics, although one-piece designs and hammers with shafts made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) are also available.

Hammer heads are available in various weights and must be securely fixed to the shaft otherwise they would present a real danger if they become loose and fly off! In most cases this is achieved by the used of metal wedges.

Safety Point! NEVER strike two hammer heads together - they are sometimes made from Hardened Steel and chips could break off and cause severe injury - especially to your eyes!

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