Collecting Pictures of Bridges

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Forth Railway Bridge

Pictures of bridges can be found by searching the Internet, looking in magazines and brochures - or visiting the bridge with a camera!

Try to find an image that is as uncluttered as possible and shows the general structure of the bridge clearly

Try search for UK Bridges in Google Images or Forth Bridge for example in Wikimedia Commons - can you think of any other names of famous bridges that might produce good results?

Note: You should always seek permission if you intend making public other people's images, e.g. go to the Advanced Search page in Google Images and scroll down to see usage rights where you can choose a suitable setting. Alternatively search for images from Creative Commons - but you may still need to check with the owner!


Hover over the image then right mouse click to select the Save Image As... option from the menu.

Save the image somewhere on your disc that you will remember!

Load it into your favourite illustration software and crop it to size if needed - see opposite (this was created using XaraX).

Note: Images can be edited in various software - Picasa is a good (and free!) example. Using Picasa, images can also be exported at a different size. This very helpful if you wish to reduce it to make it more suitable to email or use on a web page.

A similar (and equally free) alternative is to use the Windows Snipping Tool then Windows Photo Gallery which is part of Windows Essentials.