Welsh Government action plan on poverty

A general increase in the wealth of society does not inevitably ‘trickle down’ to individuals and communities in poverty, according to a Welsh Government five-year action plan on poverty. There are multiple barriers preventing people from fulfilling their potential and the government needs to tackle these across a wide front.

Key objectives of the five-year action plan

  • Prevent poverty, especially through investment in giving children the best possible start in life. The aim will be to reduce inequality at the earliest possible stage and break the link between socio-economic disadvantage, educational under-achievement and impaired life chances.
  • Help people improve their skills and qualifications – the best route out of poverty is through employment. Other barriers to employment will be removed – from practical barriers (such as the accessibility of transport and buildings) to less tangible ones (such as poverty of aspiration).
  • Mitigate the impact of poverty in the short term. For more and more people, even being in work will not guarantee they can escape poverty. Action will be taken to improve the quality of life of these communities, families and individuals.

SourceTackling Poverty: Action Plan 2012–2016, Welsh Government
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