Child can't afford 1999 & 2012

Child necessities19992012Numbers of children (2012)Percentage point change 1999 to 2012Which children?
Warm winter coat2%1%100,000-10 to 18
Fresh fruit or veg at least once a day2%3%400,00010 to 18
New properly fitting shoes2%4%500,00020 to 18
Three meals a day1%1%100,00000 to 18
Garden or outdoor space to play in safely4%5%600,00010 to 18
Child celebration or special occasions4%1%100,000-30 to 18
Books at home suitable for their ages0%2%200,0002>2 to 18
Meat, fish or vegetarian equivalent at least once a day4%3%400,000-10 to 18
Suitable place at home to study or do homeworkn/a5%500,000n/a>5 to 18
Child hobby or leisure activity3%6%500,0003>5 to 18
Toddler group or nursery or play group at least once a week for pre-school aged childrenn/a4%100,000n/a<5
Indoor games suitable for their agen/a1%200,000n/a0 to 18
Enough bedrooms for every child aged 10+ of a different sex to have their own room3%11%600,0008>10 to 18
Childrens clubs or activities such as drama or football trainingn/a9%1,000,000n/a>2 to 18
Computer and internet for homework (not a necessity in 1999)36%6%500,000-30>5 to 18
Some new not second hand clothes3%4%500,00010 to 18
Day trips with family once a monthn/a21%2,500,000n/a0 to 18
Outdoor leisure equipment, such as roller skates, skateboards, football, etc3%6%700,00030 to 18
At least 4 pairs of trousers, leggings, jeans or jogging bottoms3%5%600,00020 to 18
Going away on a school trip at least once a term2%8%600,0006>5 to 18
Money to saven/a32%2,800,000n/a>5 to 18
Pocket moneyn/a16%1,300,000n/a>5 to 18
Child holiday away from home for at least 1 week per year22%26%3,200,00040 to 18
Construction toys (like lego, duplo etc)3%5%500,00020 to 18
Child has friends round for tea or a snack once a fortnight*4%8%1,000,00040 to 18

 Items in red italics are based on small numbers and should be treated with caution.
* This item was seen as a necessity in 1999 but fell just under the majority in 2012.

Source: Breadline Britain - the rise of mass poverty, Stewart Lansley and Joanna Mack, Oneworld, 2015.