Child deprivation in Tonga, 2012 and 2016

Household and child items seen as essential% deprived 2012% deprived 2016change
Properly fitting shoes12%3%-9
Three meals a day8%8%0
Meat or fish daily8%5%-3
Some new, not second-hand clothes15%11%-4
School equiments (uniform, books, pen etc)6%4%-2
A suitable place for homework10%9%-1
Beds and bedding for every child11%9%-2
Celebrations on special occasions17%13%-4
Fruit and vegetables daily13%
School trips and events that cost money11%10%-1
Books suitable for their age22%
Tutorial lessons once a week22%
Leisure equipment (eg sports equipment or a bycycle)24%23%-1
All prescribed medicine when someone sick24%15%-9
Regular savings for emergencies32%29%-3
Own means of transportation33%33%0
Repair electrical goods43%31%-12
Replace worn-out furniture44%36%-8

Source: Statistics Department, Tonga