Individual items do not have

Adult individual items (% of adults)% saying necessityHasDoesn't have, does not wantDoesn't have, can't affordNot allocated
Regular savings (of at least £20) for rainy days52%58%10%31%1%
Regular payments into an ocupational or private pension51%32%38%27%3%
Enough money to replace or repair broken electrical goods such as a fridge or washing machine86%67%6%26%1%
Enough money to keep home in a decent state of decoration69%74%5%19%2%
All recommended dental work/treatment82%73%8%17%1%
Appropriate clothes for job interviews69%71%18%8%3%
Two pairs of all weather shoes54%88%4%7%0%
Heating to keep home adequately warm96%90%2%7%1%
Fresh fruit and vegetables everyday83%87%6%6%1%
A warm waterproof coat79%93%3%4%0%
Meat, fish or vegetarian equivalent every other day76%92%3%4%0%
Two meals a day91%95%2%2%0%