D&T Staff Training Record

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D&T Staff Training Record

The D&T Staff Training Record shown opposite (click to enlarge and again to download) provides an example of the record keeping needed to ensure that all D&T staff are adequately trained and that their training is regularly updated. This example is referred to as Appendix 3 in the sample D&T Safety Audit.

It is essential that staff are competent to undertake the tasks expected of them. Proper health and safety training should be provided to employees on induction into the school or similar establishment and when exposed to any new or increased risks. Design and Technology has training standards approved by the Teacher Training Agency (TTA) and these are published by D&T Association (Health and Safety Training Standards in Design and Technology). The standards provide national recognition to teachers and support staff, and cover all elements of training. Updating is required to be provided on a five-year basis. All teachers should be trained in safe use of equipment, machinery and processes during initial training, or by in-service training. Teachers involved in teaching any aspects of food handling should have at least a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate; this is part of the D&T Association/[TTA standards.

From : BS 4153 Health and safety for design and technology in educational and similar establishments. Code of practice