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Doming or Dapping is a process used to create small hollowed discs suitable for applying surface decoration or feet, for example, to Beaten Metalwork articles.

Features and Applications

Small Annealed metal discs are placed over the chosen recess on a Doming Block. A matching Doming Punch is placed over the disc and struck sharply with a hammer to produce the domed metal.

Doming Blocks and sets of Punches are available commercially in steel, brass or hardwood as appropriate to the metal being 'domed' and the task in hand (e.g. working with softer metals and more delicate articles may be achieved using brass or hardwood tools). Alternatively they can be self-made to suit individual projects.

A similar block when Blacksmithing for example, can be made by placing a short length of suitable diameter steel tubing over an inverted convex punch (e.g. a Stake perhaps), and pouring in molten Lead to create the block.

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