Electronics Products Workshop Example 1

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Here students will build electronic circuits and work in a range of light modelling materials, including plastics, to create working electronics products - eg automatic plant waterers, other sensors, counters and timing devices.

This will be the main workspace used for GCSE DT: Electronics Products courses but are also equipped sufficiently to be used for general D&T up to KS3 - and beyond for aspects of Product Design courses.

There may be a storeroom adjacent plus doors into the area and sometimes a door to the outside.

Note: The light grey shade areas around each machine tool indicate the safety areas which should be left clear between machines. The orange coloured strips alongside the safety areas indicate permissible overlaps between them.


Description Code Notes Image
Technology Bench LFTAB20 1200mm x 1200mm and also 1000mm x 1000mm sizes available with optional vice rack and/or cupboard - LFSPF33 is an alternative. One bench shown split to make half adjustable height with two vices.
Braked Trolley LFTEB93 most bench-mounted equipment can also be fixed to a trolley with braked castors to aid flexibility by enabling specialist equipment to be shared between adjacent spaces. Mobile Workbench-Tool Box Tool Chest with Roller Tool Cabinet 6 Drawers Solid Design
Bandsaw FESEQ339 bolt down next to materials store room with good 'run-off' space as shown. Charnwood W730 14'' Woodworking Bandsaw
Line Bender LESEQ299 used to line bend sheets of acrylic - usually positioned on a side bench but can also go on workbench or trolley
Scroll Saw LESEQ320 can be mounted on bench, a braked trolley or mounting board fixed in a vice. Scheppach SD1600F 230V Variable Speed Hobby Scroll Saw with 64Piece Accessory Set
Bench Drill FESEQ472 position away from corners to avoid crowding in use and bolt to side bench top. Draper 42640 230-Volt 650-Watt 16-Speed Heavy-Duty Bench Drill
Bag Store LFSTR62 almost always needed in a practical room to avoid danger of bags on floor. Songmics 9 Compartments Standing Storage Rack Shelving Organizer Units, Capacity/shelf:15 kg, Black LSN33H
DT Storage Wall FFFFU60 Fitted out to take small tools etc. and includes IWB tray unit, magnetic WB, plus pull-out fully serviced teacher caddy/desk. Position 90deg to windows.
DT TeachingWall5.png
Waste Bin LEOTR487 in workshops needed for: paper, metal, wood, plastics, glass, plus non-recycle. VonHaus 45L Litre Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Compartment Indoor Recycling Rubbish Pedal Bin
Thermoforming Centre LESEQ635 used for thermoforming plastics - a mobile unit - needs only a 'parking place' plus access to 13 Amp power
Trimmer LESEQ324 mount on braked trolley or side bench - used to cut away waste from vacuum formings for example
Bandfacer FESEQ304 should be fixed near centre of wall to avoid crowding - includes own dust extraction
Pillar Drill FESEQ301 position near centre of wall to avoid crowding - MUST be bolted down - head can be height adjusted to accommodate wheelchair users - esp. if 2 machines Draper 42642 12-Speed Heavy-Duty Drill Press
Sheet Folder LESEQ636 fix to substantial bench - also available on floor stand or could be fixed to side bench - an alternative is a Box Folder 165180 3-In-1 Manual Sheet Metal Shear Brake Roller Bending Machine 305mm
pcb Work Unit LESEQ### mobile work trolley equipped with pcb drill (LESEQ393) and light box (LESEQ209) MiniSun A3 LED Modern Ultra-Slim Art Craft Design LightPad
CNC Laser LESEQ453 a mobile unit but requires either integral filtration or external venting - or both. LuiFure Laser Engraving Machine Engraving Machine 60w Co2 Laser Engraver Crafts Cutting DSP Control Novel Design (500mm X 700mm)
CNC Engraver LESEQ326 small bench or trolley mounted engraver suitable for light routing of plastics, wood and copper-clad board for production of circuit boards TREND CNC/MINI/1 CNC MINI CARVING/ENGRAVER MACHINE 4

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40w Soldering Iron Station Resin Cored Solder for Electrical Work Electronics Tool Kit Digital Multimeter Soldering Iron Cleaner Soldering Mat 4-Way Crimping Tool Automatic Wire Stripper & Cutter Wire Stripping Pliers
40w Soldering Iron Station Resin Cored Solder for Electrical Work Electronics Tool Kit Digital Multimeter Soldering Iron Cleaner Soldering Mat 4-Way Crimping Tool Automatic Wire Stripper & Cutter Wire Stripping Pliers