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Lounge seating arrangements should enable a family group to feel comfortable and together, allow individuals to relax and encourage conversation.


The traditional three piece suite is not very flexible and more effective combinations can be achieved if you first think about all the ways of sitting and relaxing needed and the different ways of achieving them.


Three seater sofas might be good for stretching out on and three people watching TV but three sat sat in a row find it difficult to hold a conversation (and stretching out can be done on a chaise longue for example).

People find it most comfortable to sit at right angles to each other when holding a conversation. Two seater sofas take up less space than two easy chairs and help the general furniture arrangement avoid looking 'bitty' and disjointed.

Arranging the furniture in an 'L' shape can be very economical because it allows a large group of people to sit in comfort and yet leaves floor spaces clear. Most people feel unsettled if they are placed up too close to each other or to other objects - we all have a need for some personal space.

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