Materials Preparation Store Example 2

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DT workshop technician based here.

  • Try to place in centre of workshop area, on ground floor and with outside access for deliveries
  • Try to ensure easy access to workshops - especially Construction and Engineering - i.e. Vocational areas
  • Try to position CAM area adjacent to workshop technician base and any central DT project area

Note: The light grey shade areas around each machine tool indicate the safety areas which should be left clear between machines. The orange coloured strips alongside the safety areas indicate permissible overlaps between them.


Description Code Notes Image
Tall Toolcupboard LFSPF84 used to store technician tools, maintenance equipment plus spares and equipment for staff use only Flatpacked Workshop Cupboard
Timber Rack FFSTR449 will go down to floor - could be back to back to create an island rack Triton WRA001 Woodrack Storage System
Sheet Rack FFSTR323 store sheets vertically - max. sheet size 8' x 4' - self-standing island versions also available
Planer/Thicknesser FESEQ631 can be positioned alongside circular saw - v. high risk machine - certificated staff use only Draper 36312 1600W 230V Planer Thicknesser
Circular Saw LESEQ297 position in line with doors as shown where possible for both ripping and cross-cutting - v. high risk machine - certificated staff use only Charnwood W619 Cast Iron Table Saw C/W Sliding Carriage & Extension Tables 24V0
Take-off Table FESEQ629 essential for circular saws to have - versions available which house dust extraction under
Panel Saw FFSEQ### either wall-mounted or folding stand available Cutting-Edge Safety Speed Cut C4 Panel Saw & NV750 Workshop Vacuum Extractor - (CLEVA VALUE BUNDLE) - [Pike & Co.® Branded] w/Min 3yr Warranty
Side Bench FFFFU47 for technician use - try to position near window NEW CWB-R1 CLARKE BALL BEARING WORKSHOP/CAR WORKBENCH
Underbench Tray Unit FFSTR67 ### GratStack wide storage unit with 18 plastic Gratnells trays
Tool Sharpener FESEQ532 used for grinding wood chisels and plane irons for example - both floor and bench mounted machines available Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Precision Sharpening System, 10 Inch Stone
D/E Tool Grinder FESEQ600 used to sharpen lathe tools for example - both floor and bench mounted machines available Draper 29620 150 mm 230-Volt 370-Watt 3,000 rpm Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder
Flammables Cupboard LFSTR70 metal cabinet safely to store solvents and other flammable liquids - a range of sizes available. Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet - 710 x 915 x 457mm (HxWxD)
Chop Saw LESEQ337 position near metal racks - bench mounted or fixed on floor stand Dewalt D28715 240V 2200W 355mm High Performance Chopsaw
Shop Vac LESEQ313 Dust extractor - need also to allow possible space for DT central dust extract system - could be located outside 4YourHome Commercial Wet and Dry Tub Industrial Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, 80 Litre, 2000 W, Stainless Steel/Teal [Energy Class C]
Bandsaw FESEQ339 position outside storeroom door as shown where possible to enable staff use without leaving workshop - medium risk machine Charnwood W730 14'' Woodworking Bandsaw
Storage shelving LFSTR234 include shelving unit also if space is available 3 x Racking Bays 90cm x 180cm x 45cm 5 TIER SHELVING BAYS STORAGE SHELF UNIT WAREHOUSE GARAGE HEAVY DUTY BOLTLESS STEEL RACKING FREE MALLET