Pincers and Crow Bars

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Pincers have two handles pivotted together to form two opposing Class 1 Levers. This configuration generates a Mechanical Advantage which enable their sharp jaws to grip tightly against a nail head for example. In addition, the curved shape of the jaws allows the whole tool to be rolled around in another Lever action to extract the nail (i.e. a similar action to that of a Claw Hammer)

Features and Applications

There is also often a small claw on one handle, which is useful for removing small nails when used as a Pry Bar or the larger Crow Bar.

Note: When using Pincers, Claw Hammer or Pry Bar etc. to remove nails, scraps of wood can be used as shown to avoid damage to the timber - and/or thicker pieces used to get additional leverage.

From left to right below:

Pincers, Claw Hammer, Pry Bar, Crow Bar.(or Wrecking Bar)

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