Policy Writing

From DT Online

Policy relating to Design and Technology could result from a procedure as follows:

  • Identify the Need

- the requirement for a Policy may arise from: the need to ensure some consistency in practice (e.g. authorisation to use Machine Tools); the need for a local interpretation of a National Policy (e.g. National Curriculum requirements); the emergence of a new aspect of Design and Technology (e.g. impact of Rapid Prototyping on project work); or the induction of new or temporary staff for example.

  • Policy Formulation

- this might be initiated by an individual or a small team and informed by any relevant existing Policy or related examples of good practice.

  • Consultation

- this is an essential part of the process and all who will be affected by the Policy should have the opportunity to make comment and make suggestions with the aim being that all understand the need and, as far as possible, agree with the strategies described.

  • Implementation

- a procedure is needed (e.g signing a register) to ensure all who need to have read and understood the policy and know where the document is stored and individual responsibilities made clear.

  • Evaluation

- there should be provision in the Policy for individuals to add comments during the course of a working cycle with the aim of taking these into account at the time of renewal.

A useful structure is to regard policy writing as the process on asking Why?, What? and How? . . . . and perhaps Who? if not everyone.