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  • The tools and equipment listed assumes the existence also of commonly available classroom resources such as: basic geometry equipment (e.g. pencils, rulers, compasses); pencil sharpeners, artists' brushes or glue spatulas, paper punches and trimmers, paper clips, bulldog clips, PVA glue.

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Stanley Max Steel Comb Plier 150MM 0 89 866 Stanley Junior Hacksaw 0 15 218 8OZ SMALL METAL CLAW HAMMER - VINYL GRIP - DIY TOOL Silverline HA12B Hardwood Cross Pein Pin Hammer 4 oz Draper 38267 75 mm Bench Vice Draper 18052 Coping Saw Frame With 5 Blades Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks Bundle (50-Pack) - 60W Glue Gun Heats Up Quickly - Ultra Clear Hot Melt Craft Glue - Hobbyists, Crafters, Crafting, Fabrics, Ceramics & More - Glue Sticks (11.2mm x 100mm) Draper 61478 SI400 40W Soldering Station Draper DIY Series 09788 600 mm Fold-Down Workbench Habau 695 Garden Table with Zinc-Plated Working Surface
Combination Pliers Junior Hacksaw 8oz Claw Hammer 4oz Pin Hammer Clamp-on Vice Coping Saw Hot Glue Gun Soldering Station Fold-Down Workbench Garden Worktable