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Coping Saws are a type of Framesaw used to cut shapes out of timber and plastics for example. The saw is so called because of its use in coping or scribing the end of a length of moulding to make it fit against another.

Features and Applications

They are most easily used by gripping the handle with both hands, as with a Bowsaw, and holding the work as shown. If used as shown the blade should face forwards and can be rotated to suit the work in hand.

(It is also possible to use a Coping Saw like a Fretsaw, vertically pulling it down with the workpiece supported by a V Board in which case the blade is inserted with teeth pointing towards the handle).

Fine teeth blades are held by pegs and tensioned within a frame by tightening the handle.

Note: To cut internal shapes, small holes are first drilled in the material through which to thread the blade.

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