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As with Scissors and Pincers, most Pliers, Wire Cutters and Strippers are based on two Class 1 Levers operating together to provide the gripping action, although a few could be more accurately described as a Compound Lever (e.g. Parallel Action Pliers and Bolt Cutters).

Combination Pliers The most commonly used Pliers found in the toolbag of most tradesmen. The jaws are designed to grip both flat and round stock and there is the addition of a wire cutter (in between the jaws) and a wire stripper (on the outside of the jaws either side of the fulcrum).
Snipe Nose Pliers Also known as Long Nose Pliers or Needle Nose Pliers depending on the size and proportion of their jaws, these are almost as universally used as Combination Pliers but they can reach into more inaccessible areas (at the cost of some loss of grip).
Flat Nose Pliers These have tapered jaws that are serrated on their flat inner surfaces enabling them to be used to grip and bend small metal parts and to twist together wires
Round Nose Pliers Most commonly used by Jewellers, Silversmiths and Electricians to create loops in the end of wire.
Parallel Action Pliers The jaws open and close parallel along their entire length to produce a square vice-like grip. The Compound Lever action operates on a Parallelogram type arrangement to produce a considerable Mechanical Advantage for both cutting and gripping operations.
Multi-Grip Pliers When gripping large diameters, the handles of ordinary pliers may be spread too wide to grip comfortably. These overcome the problem by means of a moveable pivot and are often used by Plumbers to grip large diameter pipes for example.
Vice-Grip Pliers These can be locked into position, using an over-center action. They can also be used as temporary clamps in case a free hand is needed elsewhere (e.g. various designs of jaws are available which are used by Welders to hold parts in position)
Jewellers' Pliers Smaller versions of Snipe Nose, Flat Nose, and Round Nose pliers, plus End Cutters, are available in sets and used by modellers or Jewellers (e.g. when setting stones or creating Cloisonné work)
Panel Flanging/Joggler Tool Joggling is the process of creating a step along the edge of a metal sheet such that when a second sheet is laid into it a flat surface can be maintained. The technique is used by sheet metalworkers in preparation Spot Welding for example, and by Tinsmiths to create Offset Lap Joints.
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Wire Cutters
Wire Cutters Unlike Scissors or Tinsnips the blades of these come together to cut through the wire rather than sliding past each other in a shearing action. The blades may be straight and sharpened from both sides (like an Axe) or, often for lighter and more accurate work, they can be set as Diagonal Cutters or End Cutters and sharpened from one side only to produce a neater, flush cut.
Bolt Cutters With long handles, short blades and a Compound Lever operation, these are capable of exerting the considerable force required to cut through steel bars and bolts.
Wire Strippers
Wire Strippers (Manual) Designed to remove insulation from electric wires, these usually have different notches in their blades, or an adjustable size notch, to accommodate different wire sizes, making it easier to cut and remove insulation without cutting through the wire itself
Wire Strippers (Automatic) When operated, these grip the wire at the same time as they cut and pull the insulation to remove it. Some are adjustable for different wire diameters and others are self-adjusting within the range of wire sizes they can be used with.
Special Tools
Circlip Pliers A special tool, with finely pointed jaws, designed to squeeze together the ends of a Circlip allowing it to be inserted.
Crimping Pliers These are designed to sqeeze together the ends of solder tags or the various connectors used to terminate stranded electrical wire.
RJ45 Crimping Tool Used when wiring computer networks (and similar tools are used for telephone networks etc.), these include the required punch and die to force connector contacts down into the conductors of the cable being terminated, permanently attaching the plug to the cable.
RJ45 CrimpingTool.png
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