2100 Animated Mechanical Mechanisms

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2100 Animated Mechanical Mechanisms

2100 Animated Mechanical Mechanisms is a YouTube Channel of excellent animations created in Autodesk Inventor by Nguyen Duc Thang (thang010146) who was Doctor of Engineering at Kosice University of Technology, Slovakia and a designer of small mechanical engineering enterprises in Hanoi.

There are 2100 videos, all of them fascinating and ranging from simple compasses to complex gear, cam, linkage, chain, sprocket assemblages - hypnotic just to browse through! Typing key words into the YouTube search box may assist to find a particular video but there are so many that each enquiry is likely to reveal hundreds of variations!

For easier access, Nguyen Duc Thang's YouTube Profile includes a link to a Zip File containing all 2100 animations (12.88Mb) which comprises 4 PDF files listing the animations in 4 sections, with Tables of Contents leading to a brief description, an illustration and a link to each animation.