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Materials may be joined together:
  • mechanically (e.g. using interlocking joints, nails and screws),
  • chemically (e.g. with glue),
  • by heat (e.g. soldering or welding).

In addition, connections may be:
  • permanent (i.e. not intended to be taken apart) - usually achieved by gluing, welding, or brazing for example;
  • semi-permanent (i.e. possible to take apart for reclamation, alteration or repair, but not the prime intention) - using nails, screws, rivets or stitching for example;
  • temporary (i.e. designed with the intention of being easily removable for replacement or maintenance etc.) - using nuts and bolts, keys and keyways, press studs, knock-down (KD) fittings.

Note: The classification of fastenings in this way is somewhat arbitary and there are always exceptions (e.g. an Antiques Restorer may choose to use Hot Animal Glue because, with the application of heat, any restoration work done can be reversed if neccessary and, in this regard, some Glues may be regarded as semi-permanent).

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