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Planning a course of lessons in Design and Technology is essential - e.g. :

  • to ensure continuity and progression;
  • to ensure a balanced coverage of the various aspects of Design and Technology;
  • to prioritise time available;
  • to meet examination and other deadlines;
  • to appoint and assign staff with appropriate training;
  • to allocate resources;
  • to take advantage of external learning opportunities (e.g. visits or visiting speakers).

For most purposes, Planning can take the form of:

  • Long Term Planning

- to meet the Aims of the course overall in the time allocated.

  • Medium Term Planning

- for Design and Technology, this is usually the duration of a Project or Topic and used to sub-divide the course as whole into a balanced series of experiences and meet the overall Aims .

  • Short Term Planning

- usually a single Lesson Plan and describes the particular measurable Objectives to be met.

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