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Timber is wood from trees that have been Felled, Converted into boards and Seasoned to less than 20% moisture content to produce the most sustainable building material.

Timber is sawn into standard sizes and graded according to its strength, appearance, number of defects etc.. Grading is done to conform to British and European Standards both visually and by machine. Strength classes range from C14 to C50 for softwood and D30 to D70 for hardwoods. The higher the number, the stronger the timber. The most common softwood grade for general joinery work is C16.

Structural softwoods are available in basic lengths between 1.8m and 7.2m and measured in increments of 300mm. Standard cross sections of sawn softwood are between 75 and 300mm in width and between 22 and 300mm in thickness. Timber which is subsequently planed will commonly have these sizes reduced by 3mm for sections of 150mm or below, or 5mm for larger sections.

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