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Since the development of early Plastics, such as Celluloid, Bakelite, Perspex and Nylon, an ever-expanding variety now surrounds us, not only mimicking traditional or natural materials but also bringing with them particular properties and characteristics. The word ‘plastic’ is derived from ‘plastikos’, a Greek word meaning ‘capable of being shaped or molded’.

Note: this phrase also defines Malleability and many materials have a Plastic Stage as they are deformed. To avoid confusion, DT Online uses the term Plastics as both a singular and plural noun))

The almost universal use of plastics for packaging and other throw-away items is causing considerable environmental issues since they do not rot very easily. Also, most plastics are made from oil which is a diminishing resource so there is increasing demand for them to be recyclable. Much work currently therefore, is focussed on the research and development of Biodegradable Plastics which are derived from renewable resources.

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