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James Nasmyth's patent steam hammer

Hammers and Mallets are in essence Class 3 Levers which are able to provide greater impact by causing the head to accelerate as the tool is used (i.e. Force = Mass x Acceleration).

Hammers generally have metal heads, usually hardened steel but also copper for example, whereas Mallets have softer heads, commonly Beech or Boxwood but also Rawhide, Plastics or Rubber.

Three common 'rules' are:

  • never strike two hammers together since pieces of hardened steel could chip off and cause injury;
  • use Hammers to strike metal-handled tools such as punches, but Mallets with wooden-handled tools such as wood chisels;
  • hold both Hammers and Mallets at the end of their shafts to gain most leverage.


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