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Topics and Themes are used most commonly (but not necessarily exclusively!) in Primary Education as a device to integrate learning across a broad range of subject areas. The work is often enriched by trips to related places and sites and by outside specialists, including designers, artists, engineers, theatre and dance groups plus, of course, contributions from parents with specialist expertise. Children are motivated to learn and able to link together what they learn in different areas. In all good primary schools, evidence of what has been covered adorns to classroom walls to create a stimulating learning environment which changes with each Topic or Theme.

Computer Controlled Fairground Model

Design and Technology can make a major contribution to any such work and is, by its nature, a model of integrated learning in itself. All ideas listed here focus on the D&T contribution although some reference may be made to other subject areas where relevant. Activities, Tasks and Projects listed elsewhere on the DT Online web site are referenced. Some may be adapted to suit the particular Topic and additional material added as required.

Where appropriate Safety Points!, are included throughout the DT Online materials which are targeted at the relevant age ranges. It is assumed that Primary Projects would be offered to children aged 5 - 11 years old - but this is for guidance only.

Users should make their own judgement then select and edit the tasks accordingly. Users must also check with any relevant local authorities and advice provided by these sources should take precedence over any advice offered within these materials.

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