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Toys have been recognised as items for use in play since the earliest civilisations. Children play with toys for amusement and entertainment but play is also important for children's education to help develop the physical and mental skills necessary in later life.

Puzzles can require pieces to be put together in some particular way (e.g. a Jig-Saw Puzzle) or to apply logic and reasoning to solve a problem (e.g. Sudoku).

Games are forms of play structured by rules and are normally competitive. The term can include competitive Sports but it is mainly Table-Top Games and in particular Board Games which provide fruitful contexts for Design and Technology related activities.

Toys, Puzzles or Games can be made from almost any material but, if designed for young children, care must be taken they are safe to use and meet all necessary Safety Standards. This will include ensuring that none of the materials or finishes used are in any way toxic, that there are no sharp edges or danger of entrapments and no parts are so small that they can cause choking if swallowed.

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