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Hacksaws are a type of framesaw in that they use replaceable blades held in tension within a frame. Their main purpose is to saw metals but they can be used also saw other materials.

Features and Applications

Junior Hacksaws have blades typically 150mm long. Some designs have a ‘pistol grip’ and these may be easier for younger children to control. ‘standard hacksaws’ have blades 250mm and 300mm in length. Work is normally held in a vice to secure it whilst being cut vertically.


  1. Junior Hacksaw blades are available with fine teeth for metal and coarser teeth for wood: young children will find it easier and safer to use fine teeth metal cutting blades even when cutting wood.
  2. Standard hacksaw blades are available with different numbers of teeth per inch (TPI). Choose finer teeth for thinner materials - 18 TPI is a good average size for general work. Choose TPI such that at least 2 teeth are in contact and saw sections with largest dimension uppermost as shown top right.

Hacksaw blade holders enable standard hacksaw blades to be used similarly to a Keyhole Saw or Pad Saw. These are useful for short cuts in confined spaces.

If long cuts in metal sheets are required metal cutting power tools would now be used including Nibbler, Jigsaw or Angle Grinder fitted with metal cutting blades and discs. Larger sections of metal stock are cut to length with a Machine Hacksaw or a Chop Saw.


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