Matchplate Moulding

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Matchplate Patterns are made by assembling the two halves of a split pattern either side of a board.

Core Prints, Runner and Riser Gates and Sprue locations can all be built on to the board as part of the Matchplate.

Matchplate Moulding

The Matchplate Pattern is assembled together with the Cope and Drag as shown and Parting Sand added.

Both sides of the Moulding Flask can then be packed with Moulding Sand, rammed up and strickled off as for a normal Sand Casting procedure.

The main advantage of Matchplate Patterns is speed of moulding, which makes this a suitable way of improving the process for quantity production.

Safety Point! Pouring molten metal is extremely dangerous!

  • Ensure there are no trip hazards between the furnace and the moulding tray containing the flask.
  • Make sure that any tools introduced into the melt (e.g. to remove Dross) are pre-heated and dry.
  • Wear full face shield, leather gauntlets and apron.
  • Use purpose made Crucible Tongs and Carriers to carry the Crucible to the moulding tray and pour.