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DT Online aims to provide, free at the point of use, a substantive resource base generated by teachers and educationalists to support Design and Technology education. In addition, some sections will be equally relevant to science, mathematics and aspects of art and design.

But DT Online is not just about researching information for its own sake - it is fundamentally about using information to help design and make real products which can be tested in use. DT Online offers a range of facilities to assist.


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  • Food Technology
    • information on essential food types with an emphasis on nutrients and dietary requirements.
  • Pneumatics
    • concepts, components and basic circuits to show how compressed air can be used for control.
  • Mechanisms
    • details of common mechanical components plus the principles underlying their use.
Small kitchen - perspective - textures.PNG
  • Environments
    • some consideration of the design of interiors - and schools!
Management and Planning
  • Management and Planning
    • strategies and documentation, including Health and Safety advice, to assist in the general organisation of a design and technology department in schools.
  • Topics, Projects and Tasks
    • things to make and do which explore the many aspects of knowledge and understanding covered by DT Online
  • Skills and Processes
    • explanations of the techniques used to make models and products from a wide range of materials.
  • Tools and Equipment
    • information on the equipment required for designing and making including their safe use and maintenance where relevant.
  • Web Sites and Software
    • links to other places with useful information relating to designing and making (Note: DT Online will use best endeavours to ensure these selected sites are suitable for school use but ultimately, cannot be held responsible for the content of any external web site)
  • Technical Glossary
    • an explanation of the terms and concepts encountered in design and technology.
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  • Buyers Guides
    • suggestions are offered in good faith to help users identify suitable products with which to engage in the activities described throughout DT Online. Where appropriate, the examples are given also to illustrate the range and variety available.