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CLEAPSS is a consortium of local authorities. It is a not-for-profit body, where Hertfordshire County Council acts in trust on behalf of other local authority members, in particular as employer of staff and as leaseholder for the premises. In a similar way, West Sussex County Council acts in trust on behalf of other local authority members as the Treasurer.

CLEAPSS is concerned with the promotion of good, healthy and safe practical work for courses up to A-level or equivalent in schools and colleges.

CLEAPSS Membership is open to all local authorities charged with a duty to provide education in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Novel forms of educational organisation ( e.g. privatised local authority services), incorporated colleges and independent schools (including academies and equivalent) may also subscribe via a local authority and in that case will be treated as if they were local authority maintained schools. There are also six classes of Associate Membership for education bodies and individuals of standing which have no normal contact with CLEAPSS through local authority members.

The CLEAPSS website includes a section concerned with Secondary D&T containing links to Guidance Leaflets and Risk Assessments for example which are available for members. There is also a freely downloadable D&T e-Newsletter FutureMinds which gives updates on many aspects of D&T including current safety related issues.