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Drilling is most often the process of revolving a tool bit at a suitable speed to cut a hole into or through a piece of material - although the reverse can be true (e.g. when drilling on a Centre Lathe the work is usually held with a Chuck or Faceplate and revolved while the drill bit is held stationary in a Tailstock Toolpost).

Boring is used to enlarge an existing hole - one which often, but not always, has been drilled previously. This done usually with a single point tool and, as with drilling, either the tool or the workpiece can revolve depending on the operation in hand.

Drill Bits and Boring Tools are designed to be gripped using the wide variety of devices used to hold them. Most commonly they have a Parallel Shank which is gripped by most Hand Drills and Portable Power Drills; traditional Square Tapered Shanks were held in a Carpenter's Brace and Morse Taper Shanks are used in many Machine Tools. Hexagonal Shanks can be used in ordinary 3-jaw chucks when extra Torque is required and many Hammer Drills require bits with SDS Shanks.

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