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DT Online uses the term Portable Power Tools to refer to electrically powered tools designed to accomplish a range of tasks (Pneumatically powered tools are also available but are less common and their use requires the availability of a compressed air supply, hence are more used in a garage or industrial environment rather that on site, at home or in a general craft workshop).


The electrical power required can be provided:

  • as 220V - 250V mains electricity (i.e. corded),
  • as a reduced voltage 110V supply via a transformer,
    • this is the preferred option for working outside on site since the reduced voltage and isolation provided by the transformer, greatly reduces or even removes the prospect of a fatal electric shock;
  • by rechargeable batteries (i.e. cordless) with supply voltages generally between 10V and 18V (although other voltages are also used),
    • these are much preferred for school and on-site use : they are not only electrically safe but avoid the trip hazard that trailing leads may create, and are much more convenient to use.

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