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Design and Technology is about changing the made world and touches on all the skills needed to create new environments - including schools!

Look at your own school and imagine you were involved in its design - or perhaps you would like to think about how it could be improved? Look at schools built 50yrs ago . . . and 100yrs ago . . . what might they look like 50yrs from now?

The following guidance is intended only to provide some vocabulary and starting points and to take the opportunity to think about some basic principles.

  • Some interesting web sites that show examples of school design (click on titles to view) :
    • Building Schools for the Future (BSF) was the name given to the UK government's investment programme in school buildings in the 2000s
    • CABE - the government’s advisor on architecture,urban design and public space from 1999 to 2011.
    • Fielding Nair International - educational facilities planning and architectural design and the developers of EFEI - an assessment tool that measures how well educational facilities are able to support best-practice.
    • US School Design - a virtual gallery of American School & University magazine's Architectural Portfolio and Educational Interiors Showcase issues.

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