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Laminate Image

A Laminate is a type of Composite created by bonding together multiple layers of material.

Formica is a decorative Laminate often used to cover kitchen unit surfaces. The underside layer is based on Phenol Formaldehyde over which a paper pattern is laid and covered with a top layer of clear Melamine Formaldehyde. Post-Formed worktops are created by heating laminate to soften the resins, then forming it and bonding it onto the rounded edge of a Particle Board base.

Crystal Flooring

Laminate Flooring is based on a core of Fibreboard or similar, over which is placed a paper photographic layer (to simulate timber for example). These middle layers are covered with a top Wear Layer, made from a combination of Melamine Formaldehyde with Aluminum Oxide particles - the percentage inclusion of which determines the various Wear Ratings. In addition, a Backing Layer is added the bottom to add stability and helps protect the planks from moisture.


ContiBoard is the Melamine plastic laminate covered Chipboard commonly used to make shelves and self-assembly bookcases for example. It is available from most DIY stores as standard lengths and widths in white, plus a range of woodgrain effects, and can be joined using Dowels or a variety of Knock Down Fittings, Brackets and Plates.

Note: DT Online advises that most Manufactured Boards are most successfully worked with Machine Tools and Portable Power Tools.